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Chicago Con Pics!!!
Peter & Oliva Almost Kiss

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Hey All!!!

I made it back from Chicago!! Woot!! What a FREAKIN AWESOME weekend!! I still can't believe it actually happened and that it's over already.

Okay, I don't have time to talk about it now (that will DEF come later!) since I'm at work, BUUUUUT I do have all my pics to post. Well, all but the ones of US ( dannysgirlsg1& godzchild96) and my photo ops.

So yes... pictures... I started uploading them to photobucket last night, but then passed out at 9 so I brought the flash drive to work with me today (what a good employee) and I uploaded the rest of them. They're in different folders by day. So here we go:

Friday 8-22-08
Alexis Cruz Q&A, Cabaret with Alexis Cruz  & Chuck Campbell

Saturday 8-23-08
Tony Amendola Q&A, Chuck Campbell Q&A, Michael Shanks Q&A, Dessert Party with Alexis Cruz & Chuck Campbell

Sunday 8-24-08
Breakfast with David Nykl & Ben Browder, David Nykl Q&A, Ben Browder Q&A

Yes... there's QUITE a lot... hope you enjoy!!

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Yeah, I need to get the pics you took on Sunday night from you. And I need to give you mine. lol

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